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  Last week, I was so happy, because our class planned to have the activity。 All of us felt so excited, we decided to have the picnic on the park。 We played some games, the ones who lost the game were punished in some interesting ways。 When I got punished, I was asked to ask the stranger to give the cell phone number。 I felt so awkward, but I conquered my fear and finished the task。 We laughed so happily, we had done so many things that we dared not to do before。 We took many pictures and recorded the unforgettable moment。 I wish we can have more class activities, it is a good time to promote the munication。



  Today, early in the morning, when I woke up, I found it was later for half an hour than I usually did。 Then I remembered that I didn’t set up the morning call last night。 So I just grabbed some bread and rushed to the bus station。 The bus seemed always not appearing when I needed it。 Finally, I took on a bus, then I felt so relieved, because I wouldn’t be late for school。 Suddenly, the bus stopped and the driver told us to change another bus, because there was something wrong with the wheels。 I was so worried。 When I arrived school, I was late。 It was such a bad day for me。



  I will bee a high school student this September。 I am a little bit nervous about it。 I have to do well in the high school entrance exam to enter a good high school。 I will go to a different school, make new friends。 Most of all, I heard that there are much more courses in high school, I will be very busy in studying。 I have been visiting a high school, there were many text books and papers on the desks in the class room。 But I also saw the students in the high school were very active to join the extracurricular activities after school。 They had football and basketball matches, singing conferences, painting and calligraphy exhibitions and so on。 So I am looking forward to be a high school student。



  LastSunday,I went to guangzhou to visit my uncle and aunt。We had a good time 。

  The first day,we got to the airport of Zhengzhou and flew to guang

  zhou。I sat down the chair which was near window。Then it was dark。We found hotel to rest。

  The second day,we visited my uncle 、aunt and zhu jiang。The scene of zhu jiang is very beautiful。We all love there。

  The third day,we went to shenzhen by power car。 We visited The window of the world。

  there are many interesting places of different countries。we are happy in it。

  finally,we went shopping。my mum bought four bags。mysister bought a  trolley case。I bought nothing because they not fit in me。

  this travel tell me:the world is very big!I should thank my grand parents for giving me this time to go to guangzhou,thank you very much!


  Many of my classmates have a puter, I have one too。 My father bought it for me as a present when my first year in middle school。 He said I can study English with puter。 Most of the time, I use puter to search study materials on the internet。 I also have some foreign friends on the internet, we can talk in English。 Sometimes I play video game with puter after I finish my homework。 My puter helps me a lot, it is a good friend to me。



  Today, good sunny weather, always a hundred flowers 。。。 。。。' I head swimming glasses, I sing a little song, walked meteor big, went to Zhoushan Middle School swimming pool。

  Wow thiazolyl! Today, many people can really ah! A group of three students, five pile, in the pool, pushing and shoving, no better happy!

  I already have lost Hing son, traveling light。 'Thump!' I caught a spring, water ducks to water generally swim a 。。。 。 Nice to feel the water! I have a moment like a free fish fry for a while yet also seemed a carefree birds。 Sometimes wildly breaststroke frog forward, sometimes into freestyle, rolls toward the deep water。 I kept the swinging hands, feet not live playing the water splashes like a bit graceful girl, and like one a lovely boy, beautiful great! I jumped up, roll forward。 'Wow!' The water was cold and deep water, thrilled! 'Crash 。' my original' Deep Somersault 'began。 I pushed the hands, feet Yi Deng, jumped backward, turn sideways for a more perfect performance ah! I am in the midst of cheers, air to drill into the water。 At this time, the students are ing to my swim。 Suddenly, the pool open swim posture: breaststroke, butterfly, dog plane, everything。 Overtake each other, with each side。 Laughter, playfulness sound into a 。

  Tired, I lay quietly on the water: If water every day as partners, so the fish do my friend, my teacher, my job is only swimming 。 it was nice to ah!

  When the sun sets, my classmates and I still play pool slapstick。 Finally, the shore, and the evening's setting sun dragging our very, very long shadow。 Happy swimming, I like!








  I like dreaming。 Sometimes I will think if I were a bird, it would be so good。 If I were a bird, I won’t need to go to school and have class everyday。 And I also do not need to do so much homework。 If I were a bird, I can fly freely。 I can go wherever I want。 I can fly to New York to visit my pen friend。 If I were a bird, I can sleep on the tree。 I can breathe the fresh air every day I wake up。 How wonderful it would be to a bird。



  I have a goodfriend,He is a boy,he has a very nice name—Robert。He es from England。He has big eyes,they are round and cute。He es to China with his parents。We know each other since last year。From then on,we bee goodfriends。

  At weekends,we often get together to play basketball,he plays it very well,and,he sings well,too。He teaches me English and I teach him Chinese。

  We are goodfriends forever。





  Since I was born, my mother puts all her heart on me。 She takes care of me all the time and I am so proud that I have such a good mother。 In my heart, she is like a worrior。 But yesterday, when my mother was washing the dishes, I came to help her。 Then I found she got a while hair, which made me so surprised, because I never thought she would get old。 My emotion was plicated, I felt so sorry to let her worry about me。 At that time, I wanted to help her to do many things, telling her that I had grown up。 I want her to be proud of me。



  Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same。 But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry。 Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want to have a folk life! I want it to bee a beautiful painting, it is not only sharp colors, but also the colors are bleak, I do not rule out the painting is part of the black, but I will treasure these bleak colors! Not yet, how about, a colorful painting, if not bleak, add color, how can it more prominent American? Life is like painting, painting the bright red color represents life beautiful happy moments。 Painting a bleak color represents life difficult, unpleasant time。 You may find a flat with a beautiful road is not very good yet, but I do not think it will。 If a person lives flat then what is the point? Life is only a short few decades, I want it to go Finally, Each memory is a solid。



  I am studying in a middle school now, this is my second year。 Studying in the middle school, I have many subjects to learn, I always want to do the best, so I focus all my attention on the study。 My teacher tells me that I should not only focus on study, I should go out and take some activities。 I refuse to do what she says, then I get sick easily and I can’t focus attention。 So I learn to do some activities, I play basketball, I find myself really enjoy outside activities, what’s more, I keep my body well。 The study task is not only to learn knowledge from books, but also take exercise。



  A Good Example of Laid -off Workers

  Liu Yaru, a woman worker, had worked in a weaving mill in Jinan for 14 years。 In 1992 when she was 34, Mrs Liu was out of work。 At the beginning, she stayed at home。 She was worried and was not sure about finding another job。 Some time later, she was no longer afraid of being looked down upon。 She managed to find a job as a waitress at a teahouse。 She does well in her job, and now many customers like to call at this teahouse。 She makes a lot of money through her hard work。 She has set a good example for the laid-off workers。


  Farm Day

  Today we visited a farm。 Early in the morning, we met at the school gate and went there together The farm workers gave us a warm wele。 Then the head of the farm showed us around。

  How glad we were to see the crops and vegetables growing well。 At noon we had a picnic lunch in the sunshine。 After a ten minutes' break, we had great fun singing and dancing, telling jokes(笑话) or stories。 Two of us even played a game of chess。 The time passed quickly。 Before we knew it,we had to say goodbye to the workers。


  My sister got married two years ago and now her daughter is one year old。 Last week, my sister was busy and she asked me to take care of her child for half a day。 I said yes without hesitation, because I thought it would be very easy, but later it turned out to be wrong。 My niece was moving all the time。 As she was too young to walk, so she crawled everywhere, then I needed to focus my attention all the time。 Once she was out of my sight, then something bad would happen。 Though I sat at the table, I could do nothing, it was so tired。 When my sister was back, I felt relieved, raising a child is never a easy work。



  On November 11th, which is treated as the Single Day in China, has bee the shopping day on the Internet。 The e-merce earns the largest profit in this day, while in the western countries, they also have such discounting day。 On the first working day after Christmas Day, which is called boxing day。 The shops will give great discount, which attracts people to buy products。 Many Chinese people have joined this group now。 They fly abroad and spend Christmas, then they are waiting for the Boxing Day, preparing to buy the brands。 The ing of Boxing Day was in the Middle Age。 Boxes were put in front of the churches, after Christmas, the workers would open these boxes and donated the money to help the poor。 Now Boxing Day is very popular, and western people want to buy what they want in great discount。



  Since I went to middle school, I had told myself that I was not a little kid anymore。 I needed to grow up。 So the first thing is not to ask my parents for help at the first time。 I should take some time to think about the difficulty and then figure out the solution。 If I ask my parents immediately, I will never be mature, as I always want to depend on them。 But if I can’t solve the problem, I will turn to my friends for help。 They can give me some advice and I will make my own judgement。 At last, the suggestion from my parents won’t be ignored。 It is the most useful。



  I like reading novel books very much, and now I have read a lot of books。 Thanks to my parents, they lead me the road to fall in love with these amazing books。 I open my vision and learn a lot outside the class。 Everyday before I sleep, I will take out the books and read them for an hour。 This good habit helps me to know more about the world。



  English is very important today, we have English classes in school every day。 How do I study English? In the morning before I go to school, I will listen to the English text recording, follow the recording to read the text。 And before the class in the school, we will have an English words dictation。 After school I will do some English homework。 In the evening, before I go to bed, I will listen to the English channel on the radio to improve my listening。 I also have some foreign net friends, we can talk in English on line so I can practice my speaking。 These are how I study English。



  As a student, my main target is to study well and then make progress step by step。 When holiday es, it is time for me to play, and I should be happy, while playing all the time makes me feel empty in my heart。 I have done nothing at all。 I want to do something meaningful to enrich my life。 So a target is needed for me。 I set a small goal, such as, read a book, or help my mother with her work。 Everytime when I finish my target, I will feel so satisfied。 The meaningful life is to do something useful and make you feel happy。



  Every time when the New Year is ing, my mother will go to the flower market to buy some fresh and beautiful flower to decorate our house。 I like to go there with her, because I can gain the knowledge about flowers, at the same time, I like the living atmosphere。 It makes me feel the happiness。